Earth Day

Yes, Earth Day was last month.  But stay with me for a second, and the title will make sense.

Every year, I like to do something for Earth Day.  It usually isn’t anything big, but I like to mark the day both as a Pagan, and also as someone who suffers severe seasonal depression and is ready to break the walls down by this time for Spring to get here.  I usually do something with gardening – either start some seeds, start my compost which I’ll use in the garden, or buy some herbs that I’ll transplant in a couple weeks when it gets warm enough.  This year was the first year I had my new garden, so it was the perfect opportunity to de-winter it and get it ready for the year.


Before Pic: My poor garden after a brutal New England winter


Over the winter I had left in some of the old pants from the year before.  Part of it was because I wanted to see if they would regrow this spring.  In previous years, when I had left the same herbs out all winter in pots, they survived enough to regrow when the weather got warm.  Sadly, that didn’t happen this year.  You’re looking at a lot of dead White Sage, Tri-Color Sage, and Purple Sage, plus some dead Rosemary and Basil.  Not in the picture is a lot of dead Lavender.  I think the problem was that the herbs were in pots that actually let the roots go into deeper soil than this garden does.  Lesson learned for next year – bring all my herbs inside if I want to give them a chance of survival over the winter.

I spent about 2 hours pulling out the dead plants and their roots (even where you don’t see dead plants, I had roots to dig up from annuals I had planted last summer).  I used that fun claw-type garden tool and hacked at the solid-packed soil, imaging it was my ex-boyfriend’s head.  Then I added fresh fertilized soil and mixed it in (finding and disposing of two grubs the size of silver dollars *shudder*) and made sure there were no pieces of plastic floating around in there.  I live in the city; it happens.  When I was done, it looked awesome!

After Pic: Ready for the new season!


I decided to leave some of the White Sage, because unlike other types, the White doesn’t grow until later in the season.  I wanted to give it a chance to regrow when it got warmer, before digging it up and chucking it.  I have plenty of room, since most of what I grow is hot weather based, so I figured, why not?


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