Planting and Harvesting, Round 1

Last week I to this fantastic greenhouse/plant store/gift shop and picked up some herbs and veggies for my first round of planting.  (If you live anywhere near Warren, RI, I suggest you visit it! It’s called Frerichs Farm, and they are awesome!  Cheaper than any other place I’ve ever been to – including Lowe’s and Home Depot – and their plants thrive and last so much longer than ones from other places.  In fact, even if you live nowhere near Warren, RI, I suggest you make the trip.  It’s totally worth it!)

For the garden I picked up Snap Peas, Green Sage, Rosemary, and Romaine lettuce.  I also got some Chocolate Mint (I dry it and then make a tea out of it – taste like Thin Mint cookies, so good!), Spearmint (love putting fresh leaves in my Pimm’s!), a crawling Rosemary plant (same as regular Rosemary, except it spreads out as it grows, not up), Lavender, and some flowers to pot and keep in my apartment.  I’ll keep the mints, crawling Rosemary, and Lavender in pots outside, because for me at least, they grow better potted.

I had a great time digging in the dirt and playing like a kid as I planted everything!

Rosemary and Romaine lettuce


Green Sage


Snap Peas


I got 6 Green sage plants because I not only use the fresh herbs for cooking, but I also dry it and make homemade smudge sticks and incense out of it.  They were huge when I bought them, and they’ll last until the first frost, which around here, is usually the beginning of November.

The peas I bought were the climbing kind, so I had to rig up something for them to grow up on.  I made this contraption out of a piece of wood, some twine, and some twigs.  As they grow, they will wrap around the twin and make a Snap Pea tee-pee.  Then the pea pods will hang off them and be easy-peasy to pick.

Today, I was able to do my first harvest – Romaine leaves and some sage.



Washed them off and set them out to dry.  I can’t wait to make a salad with the Romaine tonight.  I’ll dry this first batch of sage, just because this early in the season it’ll be a little too bitter for cooking, but will burn and smell amazing.

I love that you can plant cold weather plants now, harvest them, and then when it gets too hot for them and they die, pull them up and plant hot weather ones in the same spot.  It’s like having a couch that open into a bed, or an ottoman that is really a storage cub.  Double duty furniture, but in a garden!

Once the hot weather hits, I’ll be planting Sweet Basil and Grape Tomatoes (fresh basic and tomatoes from my garden with fresh mozzarella cheese was my favorite lunch last summer).  Some cukes.  White sage.  Maybe sweet potatoes.  I haven’t decided what else to plant yet.  Eggplant and squash did badly last year, and so did green peppers.  But I think I might try the peppers again.


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