Grocery Shopping with Cog Fog

Being on SSDI, I am poor.  Your SSDI is figured by how much you have paid into it over the years you worked.  I had my first job when I was 18, and worked part-time minimum wage jobs through college.  After college I worked in customer service for 2 years (low 20’s for salary).  Then I went to grad school where I worked part-time in a bookstore.  After grad school I got my first “real” job, which lasted a year before I moved into publishing.  Three years later I had to leave work and o on SSDI.  As you can imagine, I didn’t pay a whole lot into my SS before I had to start taking it back.  As a result, I live on less than what is considered the poverty level for a single person living in my state and city.  Thanks US Government, you rock!

Being as poor as I am, I get EBT Benefits (aka Food Stamps).  My EBT account gets a deposit on the 14th of every month, so by the time the 6th or 7th rolls around, I’m out of money and living on what’s in my pantry and fridge.  At this point, I start thinking of things I need to buy for meals, and what I’ll get as soon as I get my next check and make my next grocery trip.

Three days ago I had a mental like about 15 items deep.  Today I got my deposit.  Made a list for the store.  All I can remember is lettuce, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, and chicken.  No matter how long I sit here, I won’t remember anything else.  Looking through my fridge or pantry doesn’t help trigger anything.  When I try and remember what I normally eat, all I can think is, Salad, ice cream, chicken…

I’m mostly trying to think of things to buy for dinners, since I eat salad for lunch a lot.  But I’m drawing a blank.  I don’t eat pasta, bread, or rice, so of course all I can think of is, Ooh, let’s get some macaroni and cheese!

If I go shopping without a list, I’ll be tempted to buy ice cream, chips, cookies, all sorts of unhealthy food that I shouldn’t be eating, and I shouldn’t be wasting my grocery money on.  I won’t remember what it I I actually need to buy until later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Welcome to Grocery Shopping with Cog Fog.


About Becki

I'm Becki, I'm 39, and I'm crazy (but also fucking awesome). :) You can follow me on Twitter @Koppur (pronounced Copper, like the color of my hair - Redheads kick ass!) or just adore me here.
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