Finally, Date Night with The Knight

I’m ridiculously excited about tonight.  Actually, that’s not true.  I’m riCOCKulously excited about tonight!!!

For the past year I’ve been “friends” with a guy I call The Knight.  We dated last summer, things feel apart, and we didn’t talk for a couple months.  Then we reconnected around Christmas and since then we’ve become very good sex friends.  Not dating – he’s a self-proclaimed commitment-phobe and has stated he’ll never commit to any woman ever again – but rather good friends who have UH-MAZ-ING sex.

Do I want to date him? Fuck yes.  I fell hard for him last year and even now, I’m still half in love with him.  But I know it’s not going to happen, so I accept that I have him as much as I will (probably as much as any woman will right now) and I enjoy our time together.  And I don’t let it keep me from meeting other guys, so I see no harm in it.  (Unless you count the part where he’s eventually going to break my heart again, because you and I both know that’s so going to happen.  But that’s in the future and the only future I want to talk about right now is the one happening in 8 hours from now.)

Anywhore, back to the point.  He travels a lot for work, and the last time I saw him was right before my birthday, almost 2 and a half months ago.  (We talk and text a lot when he travels.)  But he’s finally home for more than 2 days and I’m going to see him tonight.  WHOO-HOO!

I’m just so excited! He’s so beautiful – long dirty blond hair. (I’m a child of 80’s hair metal – long hair on a man = instant turn on for me!)  Blue eyes,  tan and ripped and Oh Fuck Me, the way he fucks!  Probably TMI, but that man is a machine! And when we’re done, give him 5 minutes and he’s ready to go again… and again, and again, and again, all night long.  Best. Sex. Ever.

So now I’m full of energy and I still have 4 and a half hours until my Tai Chi class, then I have to get through my Tai Chi class, which is going to be hard.  Tai Chi is all about calmness and slowing the mind and your breath and body through calculated movement, and I’m buzzing like I was chewing on an electrical wire over here!  I’m heading to his place after the class.  Told him last night that meant when I got there I’d be in sweats and not my usual adorable self.  His reply? That’s ok 😉 The clothes are only going to last for a minute anyway 😉 

Good answer, Mr. Knight.  Very good answer!


About Becki

I'm Becki, I'm 39, and I'm crazy (but also fucking awesome). :) You can follow me on Twitter @Koppur (pronounced Copper, like the color of my hair - Redheads kick ass!) or just adore me here.
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