Six months later, I’m back

So I disappeared for a while.  Things with The Knight started going amazing and we ended up in a great relationship.

That’s over now.

So, I’m back.

Yes, I’m like that annoying friend that only wants you when I don’t have a man in my life.  But I know you love me anyways 😉

Things that are new: not much.  I’m single, and heartbroken and pissed off.  I’m not in the mood for Christmas (which is not new, I never have good ones and it never fails to be a sad, upsetting holiday for me).

I decided I needed a change so I dyed my hair pink.  But since I’m a natural redhead, it came out kind of magenta on top and dark peach on the bottom, like a sunset – I LOVE it!  It makes me feel sexy and fun and even sophisticated, if that makes sense.  Just what I needed to cheer me up 🙂


About Becki

I'm Becki, I'm 39, and I'm crazy (but also fucking awesome). :) You can follow me on Twitter @Koppur (pronounced Copper, like the color of my hair - Redheads kick ass!) or just adore me here.
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