About Me & My Farragoes

Oh, where to start.  I guess the basics.  I’m Becki, I’m 42 39. Yes, 39.  Unlike most women, who shave a few years off their age, my brain insists on adding a few years.  I’d like to think it’s because, although I have the body of a 39 year old, I have the mature mind of a 42 year old.  But the truth is, I’m bat-shit crazy and more than likely, my brain just likes fucking with me.

Oh yeah, that’s important, too.  I’m crazy.  Not burn-down-my-ex’s-house crazy or I’ve-been-in-the-institution crazy.  Just I-suffer-from-sometimes-crippling-depression-and-I-bounce-between-a-lack-of-self-esteem-and-the-confidence-of-Beyonce crazy.  I take crazy pills.  And yes, I say that proudly, because those mint-green babies keep me sane enough to function in the real world.  (And so do the tiny white ones.  And the big white ones.  And sangria.)

Also important, I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis).  I can still walk (yay!) but I don’t work full time anymore (boo!).  My biggest problems with it are fatigue and leg weakness.  I’m told that my affair with drinking doesn’t help, but I’m a writer, and everybody knows writer’s drink.  It’s how we create.  It’s how we find the courage to bring our Word Babies to life and share them with the world.  What do they expect me to do, stop writing?  That would be like killing my Word Babies!  Murderers!

As you can tell, I ramble.  Lucky for you, because rambling is fucking awesome!  And if you don’t like it, too fucking bad.  You’ll learn to love it, or die from the annoyance of my Word Babies.

This blog is going to be a mix of everything.  Hence, the name, My Farragoes (I love that word – farragoes.  I makes me think of the dance Fandango! which is actually “a lively Spanish or Spanish-American dance in triple time that is usually performed by a man and a woman to the accompaniment of guitar and castanets.” (Thank you, Merriam-Webster dictionary.)  And yes, I always say it as if there is an exclamation point at the end.  Also, yes, I know that is the name of an online movie ticket site, as well as a WWE wrestler, but screw you internet and WWE, it was a Spanish dance first.).  (See, that ramble wasn’t so bad, was it? You even learned something!)

Anywhore, this blog is My Farragoes.  My motley mix of things.  There will be posts on my gardening, my MS, my writing, my dating adventures, anything I find amusing, and anything and everything else I feel like posting.  I encourage you to grab a drink, shut the kids (or the pets or the hubby or the wifey) in the bathroom, and poke around a little bit.  I like it when people poke around 😉



2 Responses to About Me & My Farragoes

  1. I will be following you my dear 🙂 My blog is a mixture of everything too, but it’s less of a personal diary and more of what I like to tell people 🙂

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