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Interview #1

I love answering questions in interview form like I’m someone other people are fascinated with (someday I’ll be famous. I’m not sure for what yet – it may just before my own personal brand of craziness, but I’ll take what … Continue reading

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Such a Failure

Oh my god, I am such a failure. 😦 I backed out of the other event tonight.  I’m not even sure why.  I could give you a great list of reasons: I’m still tired from yesterday; I took at nap … Continue reading

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Singles Night, Part 2

So, how was Singles Night? No fricken chicken idea.  I didn’t go. Now, in all fairness, I didn’t not go because of my anxiety.  So yay for me! 🙂 I didn’t go because of my fatigue.  So boo for my … Continue reading

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Singles Night

A while ago (almost 2 years ago), I joined a group on for singles in my area.  I’m not new here, but since I don’t work outside the house anymore, and I’m not in school anymore, and all my … Continue reading

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Two Things I Try and Remember When I’m Having a Rough Day

When my depression hits, I tell myself and try to ignore the sweet tortures she is whispering in my mind. When my anxiety come clawing back, I try to remember and tell myself that whatever is going to happen will … Continue reading

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Feeling Blah

I’m feeling kinda blah today.  A little sad, somewhat bored, and definitely lonely.  Tired, too.  And because its such a beautiful day (low 80’s, bright sun, no humidity), I feel guilty for feeling blah.  If it was a rainy, dark … Continue reading

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Calm Me

This post from Mickologist  got me thinking about what calms me down when I feel anxious or what makes me feel better when the depression is clawing at the edges.  There’s the usual things, like deep breathing, going for a … Continue reading

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I Swear I’m Only One Person

I was so proud and satisfied with myself after building my table this morning. Now I am shaky and weepy and anxious-y.  My mood swings are faster that a buttered kid going down an aluminum slide.  I thought PMS was supposed … Continue reading

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The Appearance of Anxiety

I have depression.  Several types, actually. I have MS. My MS gives me migraines, severe fatigue, tremors, restless legs, body pain, and leg weakness. I have insomnia. I don’t have anxiety. At least, I never have before.  I don’t think.  … Continue reading

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