Earth Day

Yes, Earth Day was last month.  But stay with me for a second, and the title will make sense.

Every year, I like to do something for Earth Day.  It usually isn’t anything big, but I like to mark the day both as a Pagan, and also as someone who suffers severe seasonal depression and is ready to break the walls down by this time for Spring to get here.  I usually do something with gardening – either start some seeds, start my compost which I’ll use in the garden, or buy some herbs that I’ll transplant in a couple weeks when it gets warm enough.  This year was the first year I had my new garden, so it was the perfect opportunity to de-winter it and get it ready for the year.

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My Garden

I’ve always loved to garden.  My Mom tells me one of her favorite memories of me is from the first year we lived in our house.  I was about 2 years old, and I was outside, wobbling around on my fat toddler legs, pointing at all the flowers in the yard and doing that cute baby squeal/giggle/clapping thing.  How fricken adorable!

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A Lot All At Once

Letting you all know now, there will be a lot of posts put up at the beginning, and a lot of them will be put up on the same day.  This is not the way this blog will be handled in the future.  I know myself and while I have a lot to say now, I will (most likely very quickly) hit a point where I don’t want to post or won’t have anything I think is worth sharing, and then there will be weeks or even months of silence from me.

So don’t go getting all excited when you see ten posts in one day and think that’s the norm.

I swear, it’s not.

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Just starting…

Welcome all…strap in, keep all appendages inside the car at all times, and throw the kiddies out the window now – they won’t want on this ride!

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