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Finally, Date Night with The Knight

I’m ridiculously excited about tonight.  Actually, that’s not true.  I’m riCOCKulously excited about tonight!!! For the past year I’ve been “friends” with a guy I call The Knight.  We dated last summer, things feel apart, and we didn’t talk for … Continue reading

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The Return of Chicken Butt Boy

Are you fricken kidding me?  He texted me again this week?  Starting to think he’s more than immature – he’s a fucking idiot! After telling him I wasn’t interested, then ignoring his last text, I thought that he’d finally gotten … Continue reading

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Singles Night, Part 2

So, how was Singles Night? No fricken chicken idea.  I didn’t go. Now, in all fairness, I didn’t not go because of my anxiety.  So yay for me! 🙂 I didn’t go because of my fatigue.  So boo for my … Continue reading

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Singles Night

A while ago (almost 2 years ago), I joined a group on meetup.com for singles in my area.  I’m not new here, but since I don’t work outside the house anymore, and I’m not in school anymore, and all my … Continue reading

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Chicken Butt and Rhino Vagina

For two weeks I was talking to a guy from OKC (OKCupid) named Brian. I wasn’t really too interested, but he seemed nice and I wasn’t talking to anyone else.  We didn’t have anything in common, unless you count the … Continue reading

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